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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Chiropractic treatment hurt?

Gonstead Chiropractic adjustments are primarily designed to deliver adjustments in the safest, gentlest and painless manner possible. Most people experience little to no pain when receiving adjustments.

2. Why does my chiropractor require x-ray films prior to treatment?

Our chiropractic protocols require x-ray imaging in order to maximize precision and take in all relevant considerations before we adjust your spine. 

3. How many visits do I require before I start to see results?

Most individuals usually start to see changes within first 6 visits, some faster and some slower. Ultimately every individual is unique with different progression in their recovery.

4. If I'm no longer feeling any pain or discomfort, does it mean I no longer require adjustments?

The short answer is NO. Whenever a pain or discomfort arises, chiropractic will be utilized to address the source of the pain in the shortest time possible. Once that is removed, the spine is still vulnerable to the same injury and regular chiropractic care is required to enable lasting relief and avoid reinjury.

5. Does chiropractic care make me reliant on chiropractic adjustments?

Not at all. Chiropractic adjustments are designed to relief the repetitive stress and strain in the body from your lifestyle. If you need adjustments too regularly, perhaps a revamp of your daily lifestyle is required.

6. Are you going to sell me packages and bind me to your chiropractic centre for a long time?

Absolutely no packages here, we see patients on as-needed basis. We believe journey towards wellness requires a two-pronged approach, meaning cooperation and commitment is quintessential. It is not of our interests to keep you here against your will.

7. Are you a trained medical doctor?

We are most definitely NOT Medical Doctors. We are however, recognized as primary contact care practitioners equipped with diverse knowledge on various health conditions, meaning we would be able to tell if a certain condition warrants a referral to your local GP or urgent referral to hospitals.

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