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Gonstead System

Chiropractic Precision

The Gonstead Protocols

Each of these steps are part of an intricate system designed to:

  • Diagnose the primary complaint and symptoms.

  • Isolate the specific level of joint dysfunction.

  • Correct the alignment to restore function.

All of this done in the most meticulous way possible.

Gonstead Protocol (1).gif

A History Lesson

The Gonstead system is the brainchild of Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead, a chiropractor with an engineering background. Throughout his time as a chiropractor, he discovered that a subluxation was often the true cause of gross misalignment in the spine and has endeavoured to derive a system to specifically seek out and solve the problematic subluxations in the spine. Thus, the Gonstead system was born and the consistent chiropractic treatments brought long-lasting pain relief to his patients. Soon, the Gonstead system became a well-known mainstay of mainstream chiropractic.

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